Project Tooth Fairy

There are many ways that your school can help make a difference for children worldwide and help us fulfill our mission.

Options Include:

1. Hold a toothbrush drive and choose a group of children in need in your community to    donate the toothbrushes too.
2. Hold a toothbrush drive mail the toothbrushes to us and we will distribute them worldwide.
3. Hold a fundraising drive within the school and send the cheque for us to purchase and    distribute the toothbrushes worldwide.

It would be great if your school would:

• Send us digital pictures of children giving and receiving the toothbrushes for us to put on our       website. Please be sure to get permission from the people being photographed.
• Email us a two to three paragraph letter, ideally on your letterhead, for our website describing    the experience of sharing the toothbrushes with the children. It would be fun to have lots of   children's signatures on the letter!
• If your school collects toothbrushes please let us know in your letter how many were collected   and if you distribute them, who they were distributed to.

Posters for toothbrush and fundraising drive:

• Option 1: Toothbrush drive and distribution in your community
  Fill in date/month after Please   bring toothbrushes and organization your donating to after   will  be donated to the girls and boys at....
• Option 2: Toothbrush drive and foundation distribution.
  Fill in date/month after Please bring toothbrushes.
• Option 3: Fundraising drive and foundation distribution.
  Fill in date/month after Please bring toothbrushes

If you need more information please feel free to Contact Us us.