Join Emily on her Magical Journey

Hello children! Have you ever wondered what happens to your tooth after it gets picked up from under your pillow? Well, I wrote a book all about it - Emily's Magical Journey with Toothena the Tooth Fairy. I’ve been reading it to children all over the world. The book is a tale of a little girl who lost her first tooth, placed it under her pillow, and was whisked away on a magical journey with Toothena the Tooth Fairy.


Emily's Magical Journey with Toothena the Tooth Fairy

You can see pages from the book by clicking on the images above!
Click here for a coloring sheet of Toothena and Emily.
Brush Up with Toothena!
  • Brush at least two times a day…and be sure to floss, okay?
  • If you can’t brush after eating…rinse with water, it’s not cheating!
  • Keep your brush on your own shelf…use it only for yourself!
  • Get your parents brushing, too…tell them it rubs off on you!

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